« The essence of Beauty is the apparent simplicity of elaborate things. »

Hybrid Urban Design Agency
Territorial systemic design

Odyssée is a systemic territorial design agency that accompanies its actors - public, private, citizens - in their approaches to complex projects. Our will is to allow a better adaptation of human activity within the living context. The Odyssée team hybridizes the sensitive skills of design, architecture and urban planning, with the rational skills of digital and data science, matter and manufacturing, energy and flows. This palette allows us to fully carry a Systemic approach of territorial project. Discover Odyssée

Creativity as a common source

Odyssée's activity is structured around three key actions: Observation & Analysis; Design & Interaction; Engagement and Implementation. We therefore intervene transversally on the project architecture and strategy, as well as vertically on the design and deployment of the field. Immersed in the heart of the project territories, we co-construct new answers with the field actors, activating local networks for in-situ deployment. Our approach originates from creativity, the common denominator of Nature, not to innovate, but to invent the alternatives that are required today. Discover our values