« The present is not a potential past, it is the moment of choice and action »
Simone de Beauvoir

Illustrations Projets

Systemic project architecture :

Major project under the Plan Investment for the Future (PIA3) Redefinition of a project architecture that weaves the links of coherence and synergy between each sheet. Action (investment and subsidy) to achieve the sustainability ambitions of the Toulouse Metropolis. To weave and animate links between actors in order to create new dynamics at the heart of the project's actions.


Commitment to change Citizen

Within the framework of the VILAGIL project, we are carrying out the mission of consultation and citizen engagement. As technical project management assistance, we are supporting the Innovation and Smart City Department of Toulouse Métropole in order to set up an empowerment strategy for each level of citizens with the aim of going beyond the status of user to co-definition, co-design and even co-management.


Core program: Resilience and circularity

The site of Francazal and for more than ten years a stake of territory in its reconversion. Francazal, a military wasteland backed by an airport, is today an enclave in the urban fabric that needs to be rethought in its local and wider context. The site is becoming a demonstrator of the functions of urban metabolism: an incubator for tomorrow's mobility and the circularity of flows and resources, a place for learning and the dissemination of knowledge, a support for experimentation and exchanges open to its territory. The site becomes a living demonstration of the interactions and constantly evolving solutions of a high-performance urban fabric: continuously reducing its energy footprint and GHG emissions, continuously increasing the quality of life and well-being in society.