« To invent is to bring to light...
To invent is to build a concept...
To invent is to produce a new reality...»
Jacques Levy

Hybrid Urban Design Agency

Odyssée is a systemic territorial design agency that accompanies its actors - public, private, citizens - in their approaches to complex projects. Our will is to allow a better adaptation of human activity within the living context. The objectives are traced, common to all and in all places: Dietary energy and neutralization of emissions GHGS, Diversification of functions and territorial autonomy to meet local needs, Pooling and circularity of material and immaterial goods and resources.

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The Planetary System has entered a process of continuous change: the urban fabric is being transformed, the roles of its actors are being questioned, and the major systems - natural, social, urban, economic - that interact are being disrupted. Fluctuation and disruption are becoming the norm, against which our organizations, our patterns, our lifestyles are being challenged to adapt in order to achieve a resilience imperative. It is therefore necessary to rethink the very way we plan.


  • Odyssée claims a transversality in reflection (strategic, tactical), scales (space and time), domains and projects (local, global) in order to imagine alternatives outside the framework.
  • Odyssée hybridizes the skills between the living sciences of the territory and the technical sciences to elaborate novel answers.
  • Odyssée animates a continuum between project and academic research, as an approach to progress at the service of of the common good.


Apprehend the project as a fabric of complex interactions to respond to the subtleness of the territory.

  • To master the techniques (technologies, practices and know-how) and to disseminate their workings, harnessed to social and environmental progress.
  • Directing projects towards the constitution and enrichment of urban commons as well as the regeneration of fundamental resources and processes.
  • To put into action citizen’s expertise of use and to reveal the collective intelligence of the territories through the dynamics of the project.